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The modern platform for anyonymous, peer to peer, emotional support

Tight-knit Community

Skeezer provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to connect with peers willing to listen, and provide emotional support.

Vetted Listeners

Our Listeners are volunteers who have completed an online program focused on providing emotional support to users on the platform.

Connect from anywhere

Being a web-based platform, users can connect from anywhere by simply visiting our website and starting their support journey.

On course to register 50,000 listeners

With our online program focused on compassionate communication, we're committed to providing our listeners with the tools they need to help support and connect with users. As we continue to grow and expand our network, we're excited to be on course to register 50,000 listeners this quarter, making a real impact in the world of emotional support.


of users feel meaningfully better after talking to a listener.


languages and dialects supported by our platform


of people believe listeners are able to help people with mental health struggles


of users indicated that they would happily recommend it to others.

We all have mental health.

Many people suffer from negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, and depression, but they keep their feelings to themselves, making it difficult to manage them. Skeezer aims to provide a safe and anonymous space for these people to connect with trained listeners who can offer support. We believe that everyone deserves access to emotional support.


How does Skeezer work?

Skeezer is an anonymous voice, chat, and video app that matches users to volunteer listeners with similar backgrounds and experiences, trained to provide emotional support.

What kind of support can I expect?

Listeners provide support and conversation on topics depending on a user's selection and will refer users to licensed professional help if necessary.

Is Skeezer anonymous and secure?

Yes, the platform uses a bridging service that allows users and listeners to remain anonymous in conversation, protecting user data and privacy.

Who are the listeners on Skeezer?

Listeners are volunteers who have completed an advanced program focused on compassionate communication. They come from diverse backgrounds, have a wide range of experiences and expertise, but all share a desire to help.

What kind of support do listeners receive?

Aside from the training provided, we are always looking for ways to give back to our listeners - this through our rating system, community events, monetary compensation, and our soon-to-launch Skeezer Token.

How are the chat rooms or forums moderated?

Offensive language and conduct are automatically flagged down, and users can also report inappropriate behavior and messages through an in-conversation prompt or by contacting Skeezer's support team directly.

How can I provide feedback or report any issues with my Skeezer experience?

Users can provide feedback or report any issues with their Skeezer experience through the platform's support page.

Is there any professional counseling or therapy available on this platform?

Skeezer is not a professional counseling or therapy platform; its listeners have no licensed therapists or mental health professionals. However, Skeezer, through its listeners, provides emotional support to users in need.

What should I do if I'm in crisis or need immediate help?

If you're in crisis or need immediate help, Skeezer's listeners may be unable to provide the support you require. It's important to seek help from a licensed mental health professional or emergency services if you're experiencing a severe mental health crisis.

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